20 de novembre del 2012

The Actress Roundtable by The Hollywood Reporter

En el más reciente número de The Hollywood Reporter, la revista ha conseguido reunir a siete grandes actrices, pertenecientes a diferentes generaciones, que han estrenado películas muy potentes este año 2012.
Sus interpretaciones pueden catapultar a algunas de ellas a las nominaciones en los premios Oscar. Varias aún tienen estrenos importantes en el próximo mes.
"Before shooting to stardom in 2001's Mulholland Drive, Naomi Watts toiled for a decade as a barely employed actress. Helen Hunt initially was told she was "too on-a-sitcom" to play the female lead in 1997's As Good as It Gets, the movie that won her an Oscar. Perseverance emerged as a theme of The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Roundtable, held Oct. 22 at Siren Studios in Hollywood. Awards contenders Watts, 44 (The Impossible); Hunt, 49 (The Sessions); Anne Hathaway, 30 (Les Miserables); Amy Adams, 38 (The Master, Trouble With the Curve); Rachel Weisz, 42 (The Deep Blue Sea); Marion Cotillard, 37 (Rust and Bone); and Sally Field, 66 (Lincoln) sat down for a frank discussion about their biggest fears, their worst auditions, the roles they fought for and the secrets to surviving in Hollywood."